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We Are Authorised Distributor of FW1 cleaning Wax and Purewax Waterless cleaning

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     As the automotive industry continues to expand with more multi-national brands building newer and bigger factories here, we took the opportunity to initiate our Automotive Division in 2012.

When the government initiated national policies to support automotive manufacturing by encouraging first-time vehicle ownership with subsidies and special benefits, we sourced for and brought reputable American car-care products directly to vehicle owners for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

    We have developed our FW1 force to cover all the major cities and provinces that we currently generate sales in the 7-digit range monthly. We have created our own line of Optimax Auto (cleaning)With our kits such as microfiber, chamois, portable tire-inflators and related paraphernalia.

Our energized and well-oiled FW1 teams carry a “Win-Win-Win” attitude continuing to zoom forward with all Green lights ahead!

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